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In 2003, I moved to San Francisco with my cohorts Christopher W. White and Joseph Estlack and co-founded Mugwumpin, a performance company dedicated to physical theatre and creating new work. I served as co-artistic director for the first five years. In that time, we developed a handful of original plays for the stage. But beyond the performance, we also found a language, developed a process, and discovered an aesthetic of ensemble-based theatre. This is a snapshot of that work.

“Mugwumpin channels the juice of performance into the sloughs and sluices of the unsaid and half-said, the subliminal and the taken-for-granted. It’s absorbing, nothing but theatrical—and therefore hard to describe. A catalogue of possible influences and parallels wouldn’t do them justice.” -Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet


Frankie Done it 291 Times

By Mugmumpin



By Denmo Ibrahim


Super: Anti: Reluctant:

By Mugwumpin

R playing piano

Symphony of Frogs

By Mugwumpin


Tesla's White Pigeon

By Mugwumpin


Still Sitting Still

By Mugwumpin